by: Ardi Pinastiko

Currently, many people are selfish and indifferent to the environment and nearby objects, I see a lot of objects that may be thrown away, placed carelessly or accidentally placed in places they shouldn't, things I often find when I walk around in my neighborhood or when I go on a trip to a place. Yes, maybe it's not too important but I think this can be used as a benchmark where someone is considered to care about their environment or not.

Maybe a lot of people are thinking “whose is it? " , " why is it there? “Or it could be that they don't care at all when they see that there are objects nearby that are not where they should be but maybe many also think of moving them to the right place or a more appropriate place. If the object is valuable and has value, people will definitely think twice about moving it because they think this object must have someone who has it, is there a possibility of it being stolen or taken, it could be how that person overcomes the devil in his mind. The opportunity to do evil is always there at every minute.

Hot Seat by Ardi Pinastiko

This does not rule out the possibility of happening in public places that are managed professionally, negligence of officers or because irresponsible visitors can be the cause. Often I find it at train stations, tourist attractions or public facilities, many people think that if there is a manager, it means it is the responsibility of the manager, not the user or the visitor, even though in my opinion there is no need for a division of tasks between the officers employed by the manager and the visitors or users. This is something that can be done with our consciousness as humans when we see objects that are not in their place at least we can do something whether it's asking people around or moving it to another place.

However, there are some objects that may look worn or outdated but that does not mean we can put something arbitrarily. Then what should we do when we see worn out objects lying carelessly and sometimes even disturb the environment, do we have to take them and throw them away or leave them as if they were supposed to be there? If it looks shabby and disgusting, surely some people are reluctant to touch it and in the end it stays in place and doesn't move.

Lost by Ardi Pinastiko

Although outdated, some objects may still be useful for some people who know how to use them in conditions that are no longer perfect for sure. Yes, it is not always found in every corner of the city or the area around us, but surely there are things that may not be valuable or useful for us but for some people can be useful.

But from all the possibilities above, there are also those who deviate like me when they see things that are not in their place and think "it looks good to be in the photo" and after that I am just like other selfish people I just leave the object in its place without moving it. Yes, sometimes demons are selfish and always take personal control of someone without asking first, especially during a pandemic like this, being vigilant becomes a shield for our indifference to the environment. Once again Satan wins, for good or for an ego in society? I don't know either.😊

Wasted by Ardi Pinastiko

Who am I? by Ardi Pinastiko

About the artist
My name is Ardi Pinastiko, in between my busy life as an office worker
I am also a street photography enthusiast. I like to capture
environmental changes, especially things that are spontaneous and
sudden. Feel free to visit my gallery on Instagram @pinastiko.clr


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