by: Untonk

Title: Holy Shit
Medium: Acrylic on Found Panel
Dimension: 40 Cm X 40 Cm
Year: 2021

This piece is a quick response on how my day begin that start with cleaning up neighbor’s cat poop. As neighbor, we’re not really close in many ways unless it comes to this issue. As people said that every dark cloud has it’s silver lining, i think i find it through this yellow lumps.

About the artistUntonk is multidisciplinary artist based in Indonesia. His works involving various form of art such as painting, drawing, collage, even memes. Daily life and popular culture are main theme in his works. IG: unch_tonk


A PLAYTICLE by Fieni Aprilia and ego heriyanto CL: Is romance even necessary?
MC: Well… Surely it isn’t food? So I won’t die without it. But it does have something to do with maturity
MC: According to them,  ACCORDING TO THEM don’t @ me
CL: EXACTLY. I mean, if they think it’s necessary then whatever but it’s so unfair that they keep shoving their preferences as normalcy down our throat (Read More)


SUBMISSION by Jacob Laneria“A poppy also pinned in her chest, she never looks at the press. This day is not for her. Her widest smile only appears when following around the three beautiful children, much more experienced living under the public eye.“ (Read More)


SUBMISSION by Francesco Levato“ T he digital/visual poems are created through erasure of the novel The Scarlet Plague collaged with glitched imagery from everyday life in lockdown. The titles of poems in the series are then derived from objects contained in each glitched still life.“ (Read More)


SUBMISSION by Jacob Laneria“ She was naive then, drawing seemed more fun than actually getting a new pair of shoes
in the box arriving next December.“ (Read More)