by: Fieni Aprilia and ego heriyanto

Illustration by Fieni Aprilia

Playticle, short for play-article (also a pun for political), is a form of writing that combines selected aspects of playwriting with scientific research methodologies. Taking virtual real-time communication as its medium, playticles grounds its political discourse on the basis of simplicity of common words conveyed in childish, unprofessional, and/or even ‘unacademic’ manner (including through arbitrary placements of words, emojis, and stickers)

Kumpul Kebo is the first volume of Kontrakan, one of TheConjuncture playticle series which proposes unauthorised alternative ways to tackle the absurdity of daily life from inside a rented house.

Synopsis of Kontrakan: Man Child (played by ego heriyanto) randomly notifies Cat Lady (played by Fieni Aprillia) about the theory they had explained in relation to adulthood and romantic relationships. Upon realising the horror they are creating as the consequence of their plan, Man Child and Cat Lady frantically reflect on their respective experiences and eventually reveal the actual culprit behind their widely acknowledged desperation… It’s Man Child and Cat Lady themselves LMAO, I lied, read it!

Kontrakan - a rented house, sometimes seen in a negative light due to its temporality - but mostly due to classism (those who own a house/property are seen as financially stable).
BIN - Badan Intelijen Negara (Indonesian State Intelligence Agency).
Kumpul Kebo - literally means ‘huddling buffaloes’, a term used to criminalise unmarried cohabitation by affiliating the individuals’ behaviour to buffaloes (dim-witted, lazy, crazy about sex). The term Kebo (buffaloes) originated from Javanese pronunciation of a Dutch word, gebouw, which means house or a building.
Tempe (not ‘tempeh’, please don’t spell it like that otherwise my ancestors gonna cry) - Indonesian food made of fermented soybean
TVA - Time Variance Authority from Loki series
Magnitude - Known for his catchphrase “Pop! Pop!”, and one time he only said “Pop!” and Troy Barnes, the other character, said “Pop what Magnitude?!”. Just watch Community, you won’t regret it.
Lil Nas X -
Recording artist, also known as the person who pole-danced to hell
Megan Thee Stallion
- The Ultimate Hot Girl, American rapper, repeatedly saying bodyodyodyody
Rahul Kohli
- A British Actor, a gamer bro, good hair, and pro Guinness pourer
Zendaya - (2%) American actress, (98%) deity
- A dude with perfect hairflip and happens to be a Marvel villain. Also a Norse God.
Morticia Addams - One of the characters in The Addams Family. A witch, dark forces and hellish crusade seeker, dangerously loving wife of Gomez Addams, and mother of Wednesday, Pugsley, and Pubert Addams.

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About the writers
ego heriyanto:An actor/playwright/singer-in-training who went to Department of Theatre and Performance at Goldsmiths, University of London to study Black British literature. He has spider pets and connects to cats in spiritual level. In his spare times, he does modeling despite nobody asking

Fieni Aprilia:Fieni is a freelance photographer and graphic designer. They took MA Cultural Studies at SOAS, University of London, focusing on South East Asian films, popular culture, and literature. Somehow, that degree makes them love bad films, weird shit, and popular culture even more than before. Amongst other things, they’re very interested in the topic of horror and hauntings as a means of social control. They enjoy talking to animals, freediving, and other extreme sports.


A PLAYTICLE by Fieni Aprilia and ego heriyanto CL: Is romance even necessary?
MC: Well… Surely it isn’t food? So I won’t die without it. But it does have something to do with maturity
MC: According to them,  ACCORDING TO THEM don’t @ me
CL: EXACTLY. I mean, if they think it’s necessary then whatever but it’s so unfair that they keep shoving their preferences as normalcy down our throat (Read More)


SUBMISSION by Richard Leise“Kevin lowers to a knee.  Pain, like a taste, ripe, like passion fruit, runs from hip to knee.  For two decades now.  From at least since he was nineteen Kevin knew he was going to die.“ (Read More)


SUBMISSION by CA Russegger“In Spanish colonial sources, Indigenous religions are called “witchcraft” and “necromancy”—raising the dead. But Jesus did the same thing, revered as miraculous. So aren’t these terms colonialist labels to ‘other’ Indigenous religions?“ (Read More)


SUBMISSION by Joe Haward“Throughout history, the ‘other’ has always been scapegoated by the collective mob as they are compelled by a contagion of violent desire to eliminate those who are ‘odd’, ‘odious’, or resistant to the mob’s desire.“ (Read More)