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What sort of writing are you looking for?
We’re looking for writing that places an emphasis on a specific phenomenon or event, and then goes on to contextualise in that in broader socio-political/economic/historical/philosophical terms. More in the About section. 

What sort of writing are you not looking for?
We’re not looking for writing that’s trying to prove grand theories. We’re just looking for writing that contextualises the analysed phenomenon in a broader context; that illuminates cultural codes that we may otherwise ignore.

What do I submit?
Send us words. Send us images. Send us illustrations. Send us words and images. Send us illustrations and words. We’re looking for something loosely between 500-1500 words, but we’re flexible.

What is worth writing about?
Literally everything. Nothing is ‘low-brow’. Arguably it is the so-called ‘low-brow’ that we are interested in, for it is its place in culture that is the most overlooked.

Where do I submit?
Email us at Attach your submission as a Word Document or Google Docs. If you’re sending us images or illustration, send us the images/illustration (in JPEG or PNG format), and a separate document with words. Don’t forget to also send us a short bio! 

Do you have any guidelines on tone?
We’re not looking for overly formal academic writing. Be funny, be relaxed, send us writing that blends the casual with the academic, or isn’t academic at all. Personal essays are cool. Writing about why your favourite football team epitomises the rise of late capitalism is cool. Writing as your favourite football team is cool. Write in any voice you like. Write in verse, throw in a joke or two if you want. Or don’t write in verse, or don’t throw in jokes. All we’re looking for is writing that begins with the specific cultural event, and situates it in a broader context.

Will you edit my grammatical errors?
Fuck grammar!

Grammar is restrictive. Grammar enforces the idea of a “correct” language. There is no correct language. Language is what we use to articulate the everyday. Language is the everyday. Language is you. Language is me. Fuck that un-conjugated verb, that misplaced comma, that accidental plural noun. All that matters is articulating the everyday; your everyday.

Slide2: We won’t edit your submissions for grammar; we actively encourage you to not give too much of a shit about what your work ‘sounds’ like grammatically. Editorially, we shall only focus on creating rhythm to help aid communicating your thoughts in the clearest possible way. Fuck grammar.

What guidelines do you have for photography and illustration?
We welcome all kinds of photography and illustrations! From documentary to street photography to self-portraits; from still-life to collage to truck paintings in terms of illustrations. However, we have some requirements for photo and illustration submissions:

  • Please send in your bio and a note about your artwork (max: 700 words)

  • By submitting a photograph or illustration you give permission to The Conjuncture to publish the artwork on our website and/or our future publications.

  • Plagiarism isn’t cool. Don’t submit works that aren’t yours!

  • If your photograph/illustration features an image of a real person, please make sure that you also have their consent to be published!

  • Send your files in JPG format only and no more than 10mb!

  • Don’t forget to include a title! For illustrations, please also include the dimension and the medium.

When are you open for submissions?
We’re always looking for submissions — email us!

Do you pay?
Unfortunately, no. We’re hoping to change that, but we understand if you would want to take your writing elsewhere.


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