“What The Fuck is The Conjuncture? With Lawrence Grossberg” is now live on Spotify, Anchor, and PocketCasts!

Our launch event, “What The Fuck is The Conjuncture?” With Lawrence Grossberg, is now live on Spotify, Anchor.fm, and PocketCasts! If you missed our event, tune in to these channels to listen to what the fuck it was all about!
Cultural studies is often treated as simply analysing a cultural phenomenon, as though it is an isolated phenomenon. In many of his works, Lawrence (Larry) Grossberg, challenged the notion as such by proposing what is defined as conjunctural analysis. Conjunctural analysis requires a conversation across many different fields, and thereby putting a cultural phenomenon in its relation to broader discourses, institutions, and epistemes. The object of cultural studies, as he said, ‘is not television or even culture, the object of cultural studies is to understand the context’ from which hegemonic struggle between these forces is contested.

So, what the fuck is the conjuncture? How is it useful to understand contemporary culture? How can it exist outside of the academy? How do we practice it through the art? And how can this mode of inquiry sustain in the future? These are some questions, among many, that will be elaborated by Larry on this discussion.

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A PLAYTICLE by Fieni Aprilia and ego heriyanto CL: Is romance even necessary?
MC: Well… Surely it isn’t food? So I won’t die without it. But it does have something to do with maturity
MC: According to them,  ACCORDING TO THEM don’t @ me
CL: EXACTLY. I mean, if they think it’s necessary then whatever but it’s so unfair that they keep shoving their preferences as normalcy down our throat (Read More)


SUBMISSION by Joe Haward“Throughout history, the ‘other’ has always been scapegoated by the collective mob as they are compelled by a contagion of violent desire to eliminate those who are ‘odd’, ‘odious’, or resistant to the mob’s desire.“ (Read More)


SUBMISSION by Edith Choy “The one-child policy  would contribute to the country’s economic ascendancy. “计划蛺蹀,嬣嬣膧责.” (“Everyone had a responsibility in family planning.”) Although, the implicit message behind this slogan was that the government had a direct right over each family’s choice in family planning and in women’s bodies.“ (Read More)


SUBMISSION by Rupal Rathore“Sometimes, protests can condense into ‘moments of monumentality’ that linger on in public memory and continue to be associated with the place where they occurred, often shaping human relationship with that space and ‘conjuring shared sentiment’.” (Read More)